Tip off leads to Owner and Driver of unlicensed Private hire vehicle being caught in Cotswolds Business 

Tip off leads to Owner and Driver of unlicensed Private hire vehicle being caught in Cotswolds

Cotswold District Council has recently successfully prosecuted 2 men for operating a taxi service without a private hire licence – all thanks to a tip off from a member of the public. Recent reports indicate that Cotswold District Council’s Counter Fraud Unit made a taxi booking with Cotswold & Burford Private Hire, Harry Eva’s company, back in December 2019 and a driver, Andrew Whitehead, was despatched to them – but he didn’t possess a proper drivers licence and was driving an unlicensed car. Councillor Andy Doherty, Cabinet Member for Licensing…

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Disabled Toilet Alarm Cords – Why You Shouldn’t Tie Them Up

A disabled toilet alarm cord is a cord that can be pulled in case of an emergency to ask for assistance. They are found in most accessible toilets and are identified as a red cord that hangs from the ceiling to the floor. This alarm system is designed for emergency situations, in cases where a disabled person or a person in a wheelchair might be in danger or distress. If for example a disabled person was using the accessible toilet and they fall and cannot get back up, they only…

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Fascinating Fishing Trips Ideas in Alaska Travel 

Fascinating Fishing Trips Ideas in Alaska

Are you fond of fishing? Is it your favorite leisure time activity? You may ask anyone to suggest to you the finest places to go fishing and definitely Alaska would top that list. Alaska has some amazing fishing opportunities and options for you to go and enjoy fishing. A lot of people do fishing either solo, with friends, and sometimes with their family members too. People even wait for the best time to fish in Alaska which would, in turn, help them to fetch more fishes. There is a technique…

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Auto Draft Lifestyle 

Create Amazing Memories on Your Boat

There are many different ways for you to actually be able to create some pretty amazing memories with your friends and your family. By going on a trip, by going to a party or by even throwing a party on your own. Throwing Both Parties However, one thing that you’re going to want to remember is the fact that, pretty much everyone can throw a party. Everyone can go on a trip. However, not everyone can actually say that they throw amazing boat parties or that, they are able to…

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5 Considerable Reasons Why You Should Invest in Online Business Business 

5 Considerable Reasons Why You Should Invest in Online Business

The Internet has unlocked a lot of new and exciting opportunities for individuals throughout the world. It has changed our point of view of traditional methods of running a business. MNC’s (multinational companies) such as E-bay and Amazon have come up because of the Internet. Now, these big companies rule regions where only traditional physical stores dominated a couple of years ago. Moreover, small and average-sized organizations are also getting huge profits by investing in online businesses these days. Starting an online business is very easy these days and hosting…

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Study Tips to Prepare for CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Education 

Study Tips to Prepare for CBSE Class 12 Mathematics

There is a word in the dictionary called the mathophobia which is the fear and anxiety that a person faces when they study math. In fact, scientists looked at MRI scans of young students solving math papers and were aghast to find the reaction of the people to the numbers as though they were something dangerous. But the good news is that years of research has proven that there is no math gene or no math brain and anyone can learn to be good at math even at the highest…

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pwa theme for magento 2 Business 

7 Things To Consider Before Buying PWA Theme For Magento 2

The investment with time and money in building Progressive Web App will be worthy for both Magento businesses and their customers. And a successful investment starts with choosing the right PWA theme for Magento 2. However, since most Magento store owners are not technology experts, this process turns out to be rather complex and difficult. This post will guide merchants step-by-step to make the best option on the PWA theme for their store. Let’s work on finding what firms need to consider before making a decision on the Magento PWA…

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Tips To Help You Prepare For A Great House Party Entertainment 

Tips To Help You Prepare For A Great House Party

Every house party that you are attending, there are different themes and decorations that will surely surprise and amaze the guests. So, if you are the one that will host that party, what should you do? After attending various parties which manage to amaze their guests, when it is time for you to play the host, you will have to come up with mesmerising ideas as well! Hosting house parties can be overwhelming. But, here are some tips to help you prepare for your upcoming house event and dazzle the…

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http://www.houseimprovements.club/choosing-the-best-furniture-from-your-house/ Education 

Tips and Tricks to Prepare Effectively for ICSE Class 9 Exam

The CISCE Board or the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination is the sole authority responsible for conducting two major examinations without any hindrance. They are – The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE Class 10) and The Indian School Certificate for (ISC Class 12). In 1958, the CISCE Board was established, and it is recognized as a national-level private education board in India. After the CBSE Board, CISCE Board is considered as one of the most prestigious and popular boards in India. Along with conducting exams, the board…

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Types of Digger Machines for Ground Clearing and Landscaping Projects Business 

Types of Digger Machines for Ground Clearing and Landscaping Projects

Whether you’re working in road projects, landscaping, or ground clearing; a digger machine is a must to have on your job site. Excavators are popular earth-moving machines but there are many other machines that deal with digging or earthworks and also material handling, demolition, and construction. Most of these machines are made to handle multiple functions and are compatible with different attachments. Such versatility makes these machines indispensable on job sites. Some common types of digger machines you can hire for ground clearing and landscaping: Excavators Featuring a long bucket…

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