Disabled Toilet Alarm Cords – Why You Shouldn’t Tie Them Up

A disabled toilet alarm cord is a cord that can be pulled in case of an emergency to ask for assistance. They are found in most accessible toilets and are identified as a red cord that hangs from the ceiling to the floor.

This alarm system is designed for emergency situations, in cases where a disabled person or a person in a wheelchair might be in danger or distress. If for example a disabled person was using the accessible toilet and they fall and cannot get back up, they only must pull the cord. The cord is linked to an outside source of help such as a reception area or a security team.

Why Disabled Toilet Alarms Should Always Reach The Floor

Unfortunately, you might find that in certain toilets the toilet alarms are tied up to keep them off the floor. However, this often leads to the cord being above the floor a couple of inches, which can cause problems if the person is unable to get up off the floor or cannot reach the cord from the wheelchair.

It is important to ensure that the cord at least touches the floor, or is strewn out on the floor, which increases the chance for a disabled person to reach it. Though it might not look as neat as when it is tied, what one must remember is that being left in this way can potentially ease someone’s discomfort or even safe a life.

General Tips On Disabled Toilet Alarm Requirements

– The cord should always be noticeable and hence the red color: – Since red is a prime color and is in most cases associated with danger, it is natural to suggest that a red cord is used.

– Usually, the red cord has two 55mm red triangle bangles: – It is important that these red triangles are attached as they offer a better grip the user than a normal cord would. For example, someone who has trouble with their fine motor skills may struggle to take a hold of the cord.

– The red triangles should be reachable both from the ground and from a seated position: – If both triangles are on the ground, then it might be hard for a disabled user to reach one from a seated position. Having one on the ground and the other reachable from a seated position creates the perfect safety situation.

– The user should be able to hear and see that the device has been activated: – Knowing this information will prevent the user from repeatedly pulling on the cord and will therefore help them wait patiently for assistance.

– Make sure there is a reset button to deactivate the alert signal in case the user used the cord by accident: – It is quite possible that the alarm cord was pulled by mistake.

– This alarm should be different from other alarms: – It is important that the signal this alarm gives, whether visual or audible, should be different from that of other alarms – like the fire brigade.

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