What is Separation Anxiety in Dogs? And How Does CBD Help?Health 

What is Separation Anxiety in Dogs? And How Does CBD Help?

Dogs are naturally “pack animals.” That means dogs enjoy being around people, and they look to their humans for safety and comfort. When you go out, leave your dog at home alone, or leave it with a sitter or dog walker, it is likely to feel vulnerable without its pack nearby.

If you have ever returned home after only a short while of leaving your dog alone and found its behavior frantic or overly excited, it’s possible that your pup has separation anxiety. Separation anxiety issues are more severe in rescues and puppies.

Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety commonly become anxious when separated (even for short periods), overly attached to their humans, and/or aggressive.

It’s a big problem for many canine owners who have to deal with the fallout from this behavior. Luckily, CBD can help. CBD for dogs separation anxiety is growing in popularity for its various positive effects on dogs in helping them manage various physical and neurological health conditions. To know more about the different CBD products you can use to help calm your dog, continue reading.

CBD is a Mood Lifter

In dogs, CBD may be used to treat separation anxiety because it lifts the dog’s mood. When you lift your dog’s mood, it will feel calmer and less stressed. This means that when placed alone in a situation that might previously have induced an anxious response, it will instead calm down and not act out.

Lowered anxiety levels mean that your dog does not need company or comfort from you as much because it feels better. A happy dog does not dwell on bad experiences (such as being left home alone) and can move past them quickly.

Less stress also means fewer destructive behaviors like chewing furniture legs, barking for hours on end, or otherwise acting out when left at home alone. More importantly, your dog is less disturbed about staying alone for more extended periods.

CBD Helps With Aggression When Left at Home Alone

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Aggression may also be reduced when CBD is used. This feature can help make it safer for your dog to be left at home while you are out, thus increasing the amount of time your pet can spend alone without risking hurting anyone or anything around.

If left alone, your dog may exhibit disturbing traits like uncontrollable shaking, hiding, whining, or “throwing fits.” Even worse, your pet may develop psychological disorders like depression and become less active.

It’s important to note here that CBD does not cure aggression in dogs naturally aggressive – this is simply a behavior change that allows them to be left safely in their homes instead of being crated or otherwise confined when the owners are not there.

CBD Relieves Anxiety in General

For these reasons, CBD works very well at easing separation anxiety and making it safe to leave your dog alone in the house without worrying about what it will get up to when alone.

Additionally, you can use CBD as a natural calming agent to reduce everyday anxiety in dogs. You can consider giving your pet a dose of high-grade CBD for dogs’ separation anxiety (oil or treats made with oil), and it will help your dog relax and feel better about whatever situation is making them anxious.

Of course, those with severe separation anxiety or those who are already very stressed may not respond well to this treatment and might be better off with an alternative such as anti-anxiety medications.

Wrapping Up

However, for most “average” cases of separation anxiety which stem from what can be considered as everyday stress levels, CBD is a great way to go because it works on the underlying emotional reason that is causing the dog to exhibit anxiety.

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