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7 Things To Consider Before Buying PWA Theme For Magento 2

The investment with time and money in building Progressive Web App will be worthy for both Magento businesses and their customers. And a successful investment starts with choosing the right PWA theme for Magento 2.

However, since most Magento store owners are not technology experts, this process turns out to be rather complex and difficult.

This post will guide merchants step-by-step to make the best option on the PWA theme for their store.

Let’s work on finding what firms need to consider before making a decision on the Magento PWA theme!

Underlying Technologies

In this stage, merchants need to find out the framework that developers used to build the themes.

Some most popular frameworks for building Progressive Web Apps are Magento PWA Studio, React Storefront, Vue Storefront,…

We suggest choosing the themes based on Magento PWA Studio since it is the official tool from Magento. Thus, the coding conflict will never occur.

If the business does not own any in-house developers, Magento PWA Studio is the best choice.

We all know that any technical problems occurring in the store would result in a serious interruption to the experience of consumers and end up costing a lot of money to fix.

Design For PWA Storefront

The store design is important in creating good first impressions. Consumers can choose to leave the store with an unappealing storefront instantly.

Try to find the Magento PWA template design that fits the store. If not, firms should know which elements they can make adjustments to.

In this step, firms should take the role of a consumer and see which one makes them most satisfied.

Each industry and product sector would have different unique characteristics so choose one that is related to your brand image and easiest for buyers to recognize.

Another thing to consider is whether the theme can work on different devices. With mobile users increasing at a fast speed, we need to bring the best mobile online shopping experience to keep a high market share.

A good PWA theme should have a separate design for mobile phones. At the moment, only some PWA themes for Magento 2 are able to meet this requirement so don’t forget to put this on the checklist when finding a theme for your store.

PWA Functions

Magento PWA themes are supposed to have adequate functions but some providers try to label this name to attract customers why not provide enough. So make sure to check all PWA demos in advance.

Besides, having enough features does not come with the guarantee that all of them have excellent performance. Therefore, merchants should look through the past projects of the theme providers.

Supported Magento Core Features

It would be a disaster when stores get PWA features but then lose many Magento core features.

They all aim to work on bringing the best shopping experience so integrating Progressive Web App features cannot compensate for losing Magento core functions.

This can annoy customers who have been accustomed to the original website.

The scenario can be worse when the store ends up losing the buyers who have long-term membership with the business.

Compatibility With Magento Extensions

Magento extensions are commonly used to enhance Magento websites’ performance. Some are cheap but some can cost a lot of money.

The sad news is that most extensions are likely to be deactivated after the website is converted to PWA.

However, some Magento Progressive Web App themes already included APIs to make the new PWA store compatible with the third-party extensions. You should choose those themes; otherwise, you will either waste your plugins or keep them by paying a high cost to build custom APIs.


In most cases, it is hard to find a PWA theme that perfectly fits merchants’ requirements.

Thus, it is always important to know if theme customization is possible. Is self-configuration allowed? If not, how much will the theme provider charge for their customization service?

Price Of The Theme

Unquestionably, this is one of the most important factors.

However, free PWA templates are not highly recommended as they usually don’t give the best outcome. After all, nothing good is offered without money exchange.

Our advice is to choose the premium PWA themes with features that best match your business needs.

Find A Cost-Benefit Balance & Select The Best PWA Theme For Magento 2

We all know upgrading to Progressive Web App is a wise choice to enhance the customer experience when shopping online. However, this process can only be successful when applying the right PWA theme for Magento 2.

Any Magento PWA theme provider would claim to bring the best solutions for the store but things might not be so true in reality.

Therefore, merchants should list out criteria based on their business requirements and find the theme that can meet all those demands.

We hope our post is helpful in supporting Magento store owners to find the appropriate Progressive Web App theme. For further concern, feel free to write a comment!

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