Study Tips to Prepare for CBSE Class 12 MathematicsEducation 

Study Tips to Prepare for CBSE Class 12 Mathematics

There is a word in the dictionary called the mathophobia which is the fear and anxiety that a person faces when they study math. In fact, scientists looked at MRI scans of young students solving math papers and were aghast to find the reaction of the people to the numbers as though they were something dangerous. But the good news is that years of research has proven that there is no math gene or no math brain and anyone can learn to be good at math even at the highest levels. So, let’s dig into deep into what these scientific techniques tell us about how to study mathematics and how to ace your math exams:

Go through the entire syllabus: it is crucial for one to read the entire syllabus and try to understand each of the topics. There are various units of topics in the CBSE maths class 12 syllabus and the units are: Relations and functions, algebra, Calculus, Vectors and 3D geometry, linear programming and probability. It is essential to grasp the concepts of all these units before beginning the second step, which is deep practice.

Deep practice: most people believe that math ability is about speed and accuracy. They will tell you to do a hundred sums a day to get practice. But math is problem solving and real problem solving is about struggling, trying different methods, failing and trying again. If you don’t understand, take a break and come back another try to try another method, and you will find this music easier. This is the concept of deep practice. Einstein had once said that “it’s just not that I’m smart, it is that I stay with the problem longer.” It has three key elements which are making elements, evaluating mistakes and trying again.

Schedule your studies: It is essential to make a planned out schedule which ensures that you have proper planning to cover each chapter from the subject in a timely basis so you are aware just in case you are falling off of track and are not able to surpass a topic on time. It also helps to dedicate specific hours of your day to studying different branches of mathematics from your syllabus.

Circle topics: If there is a topic that you are finding quiet to understand and solve the circle it. This will ensure that you are aware of the concept that you need more clarity in and thus, you can work on that or maybe get that doubt cleared in due time.

Solve previous years question papers : Every student who prepares for mathematics has to get well acquainted with the previous years question papers in order to understand the flow of the paper and the markings. It also help you grasp the cruciality given to some concepts over the others.

Mock tests: It is an advantage to be able to prepare yourself for the exams by first making several attempts at mock tests. Hundreds of sites on the internet have mock tests of cbse class 10 mathematics examinations which is a mock question paper, covering your syllabus, thus preparing you to answer various questions from your subject.

Rest: Examinations can be a stressful time. Although it is best to prepare for it at full acceleration, it is also important to give your mind and body equal rest. When you prepare for exams, you are using a lot of mental energy which can also make you exhausted. Thus, it is important to give your body rest after such tasks so it can be fresh for the next day as well.

To conclude, mathematics is a subject that requires practice in order to understand exactly how the steps flow and why they do so. One can master the subject through practice and a willingness to learn.

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