Why Germany Is A Country You Should Be Visiting Next SummerTravel 

Why Germany Is A Country You Should Be Visiting Next Summer

Everyone has their own images and their own associations with Germany. Once you enter Germany, there are a lot of beautiful places and breathtaking events waiting to be discovered. Germany has made it work around the world and has plenty to be proud of.

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Reasons to visit Germany

There are many reasons why you should go to Germany. Some of the famous activities and beautiful places to see are mentioned as follows.

Germany is filled with beautiful places and monuments which are perfectly preserved and maintained for sightseeing. Some of the places are.

The Ultimate Fairytale Castle

The Ultimate Fairytale castle is situated in the old town of Fussen. The castle is not only

famous for its beauty but also because of the fact that it is an alpine resort and winter sports center. It is considered as Europe’s most famous royal castle. Wherever you go, you will be given a guided tour of the castle.

The Black Forest

The bloack forest is one of the most visited places of Europe. It has dark, densely wooded hills. The beauty of the forest is beyond explanation. When you visit the black forest you enjoy the view of The Rhine Valley on the west side of the forest. While on the east side you can enjoy the view of upper Neckar and Danube Valley.

Insel Mainau

Insel Mainau is basically a Flower Island. The land covers an area of 110 acres. The area is surrounded  by Lake Constance. There are only 2 ways to access this island.

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  • Using the boats that are available on the mainland.
  • Pedestrian bridge that links the island with the main land.

It could take a lot of time to reach the island because of a number of visitors so

make sure to allocate more than two to three hours for the visit.

Activities to do

Other than places to visit, there are many activities that you can take part in.

Christmas Markets

Christmas is the most favoured time of the year to visit Germany. It is true that because of the snow it is really cold but the markets are an important part of the festival that makes the cities warmer during these cold days. There are alot of things to buy and admire during the festival. If you are planning to attend Christmas in the winters, it is recommended to attend the Christmas Markets in Berlin for multiple reasons.

  • Deep connection to World War II.
  • Cheapest destination in the continent.
  • Has a variety of cultures, art and causines to offer.

Hiking Destinations

Germany is also famous for its beautiful hiking trails. Some of the famous hiking trails are.

  • Eifel trail
  • Harz trail
  • Bavarian Forest trail

These are some of the places recommended by the therapists to visit. It is said that

These places are considered as majestic places that can heal a human’s soul.

Germany is one of the most beautiful places in Europe filled with mysterious places to visit. So, if you are planning to make a foreign tour, you should definitely consider going to Germany. A car rental comparison will help you find the best rental car deal in Germany.

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