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How You Pup Can Benefit from Dog Treats

Dogs have a special connection with their favorite treats. For them, these delicious snacks are much more than something that will fill their tummies. Treats are a sign that they have done something well and the owners are proud and happy. This act shows them they should keep up with being good boys.

If you enrich your pet’s treats with CBD (or buy commercial ones), they can also have a positive effect on the health of your four-legged friend. Unlike meals, there is no set schedule for when you should give these snacks to your pup. A few bites daily will work. Yet, don’t exaggerate, especially if you use store-bought products. There is a prescribed dose that you must follow for maximum effect.

Clinical trials have proven that this natural remedy can help reduce pain, improve appetite and energy level and ease muscle tension. But just like humans, too much of anything can make some damage. So, it is always a good idea to consult your vet about CBD and its side effects (check them on this source).

Pain Management

Dogs that suffer from arthritis, joint problems, or some chronic disease are in constant pain. It may be of lesser or stronger intensity, but it won’t stop on its own. Your vet should address the cause and the following symptoms to prescribe appropriate therapy.

There’s a high chance that your suffering pet will get some painkillers. As the owner of a dog with any of these disorders, you already know how addictive these medications can be. But they are sometimes the only choice. In that case, you can try CBD treats. Give them to your dogs treats and watch their reaction.

CBD is a natural painkiller that is way safer than any pharmaceutical. Dogs with arthritis benefit from CBD because it works to reduce inflammation. It also relieves pain because it affects the opiate receptors in the body.

Slowing Down Disease Progression

CBD has positive effects on reducing internal processes that can cause diseases like arthritis or cancer. Due to its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory traits, this compound induces cell metabolism and keeps them healthy. That’s one way of preventing the occurrence of cancerogenic tissues resulting from cell damage. CBD slows down the progression of these by inhibiting protein transduction.

Some chronic diseases are incurable, like arthritis. It’s characterized by progressive wearing away of the bones with the degeneration of the joints over time. This condition can affect any sized dog, but you can help your pup by acting on time. With prompt prevention, you can reduce the effects of arthritis and slow down its progress.

As your dog ages, the risk of developing neurodegenerative and cognitive issues increases. Like humans, dogs can develop dementia that can significantly change their lives. The good news is that this risk can be minimized by regular use of CBD. In the form of treats, your pets will receive a daily dose of cannabidiol that will benefit their brains and keep them functional.

Treating Anxiety and Mood Disorders


People get depressed and anxious from time to time, so why can’t dogs? These conditions are also present in the animal world, and the reasons are numerous. If your dog is sad, destructive, or aggressive, there is probably some underlying problem. After discovering the cause (arrival of a new pet, strange people, moving), treat the symptoms, which can be pretty unpleasant if neglected.

Canines that have been diagnosed with anxiety or some forms of behavioral disorders are often given antidepressants or sedatives. But these drugs often show low success after treatment cessation. In other words, they provide calming relief as long as your pet takes them. Plus, they bring certain side effects.

The revolutionary CBD-related findings were about treating anxiety and depression. CBD can also be used to improve mood and behavior in dogs. It’s an enzyme inhibitor that boosts feel-good chemicals. Their balance allows dogs’ brains to be affected positively by CBD.

Separation Anxiety and Phobias

Extensive studies have shown the beneficial effects of CBD on the mental health of dogs. These animals can enjoy the benefits of this hemp derivative even though they are physically healthy. In this case, CBD acts as an excellent prevention of mental diseases and conditions caused by stress or nervousness.

Phobias and separation anxiety are among the most common mental issues in dogs. In both situations, you can give CBD treats to your pet as a preventative. You should do that, for example, when you leave the house or expect something your dog is afraid of (people they don’t know, fireworks, thunder, etc.). That will prevent the outpouring of negative emotions that make your dog behave strangely.

In this case, CBD acts primarily as a mood stabilizer. This compound has no mind-altering effects, only mildly sedative. So your pet will be calm and relaxed but not numb. Also, your pup will have enough energy to behave normally.

On the link below, learn how to help your pet suffering from separation anxiety:

The CBD benefit list doesn’t end here. This hemp derivative can actually affect all bodily functions of mammals, to a greater or lesser extent. Treats infused with it are just one way for your dog to get a dose of cannabidiol that will allow him to live a long and healthy life next to you.

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