Simple Modifications You can Make to the Exterior and Interior of Your CarAuto 

Simple Modifications You can Make to the Exterior and Interior of Your Car

A motor enthusiast would always like to add a personal touch to their cars by modifying their car’s exterior and interior. Modifying the car revamps the look and feel of the vehicle by setting it apart from the other cars on the road.

Cars have become better in quality in the past decade and so have the customisation options. From water repellent ceramic coatings to smart infotainment systems, cars of the twenty-first century are better than ever.

There are a plethora of car modifications one can do to their car now to improve the aesthetics.

Here are some of the best customisations you can do to the exterior of your favourite car.

Headlight Tinting

If done properly, headlight tinting adds stealth and offers an extra layer of protection to your headlights. The styling option looks awesome when the tinting colour compliments the paint job. Besides applying a coloured film to the headlights, you can also tint the backlights to add more stealth.

However, do not get too aggressive with the dark-coloured films, as excessive darkness can block the lights.

Headlight Upgrade

In today’s world, halogen and LED headlights do not do the job as they look old and are ineffective. You can upgrade the old headlights to a set of HID headlights to light up even the darkest of streets.

HID headlights are simply more than a styling upgrade as they are way more effective than standard OEM headlights.

This easy upgrade can be done quickly and even at home, with special DIY kits available for certain car models.

Roof Wrap

While wrapping the whole car is an expensive affair, roof wrapping is a relatively cheaper option, and it adds a flair of styling to your normal car. Roof wrapping the car with a contrasting colour or simply opting for a black wrap is a minimal yet effective styling modification.

A New Paint

Motor enthusiasts are often dissatisfied when their car looks the same as the other cars. Getting a new paint job with a different colour might just satisfy you if you want your car to look different from the rest. A fresh coat of paint will improve the way your vehicle looks. Moreover, it is advised that you choose a colour that the manufacturer does not even offer with your car’s model. This will surely turn some heads.

In addition to the paint job, shed some extra money for ceramic coatings that will protect your car’s paint and keep the paint shining for many years.

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Window Tints

It is arguably the most popular type of modification in recent times. Besides enhancing the look of your vehicle, a high-quality window tint will block the UV rays, reduce heat in the car, improve privacy to prevent potential thieves from spotting valuables in your car.

Tints are easy to customise, and the vinyl material is inexpensive. Couple this modification with matching headlight tints to complete the stealthy look.

Interior Ambient Lighting

Most of the time is spent within the car, so it makes sense to customise the interior as per your taste. Ambient lights can significantly improve the interiors of your vehicle by making it look more up-class. Adding LED strips to the footwell and the doors will set your average daily-driver car apart from the rest.

It is an affordable customisation that you can do at home; all you need is a DIY kit and some creativity.

Seat Covers

Interior upholstery was never an easy modification to make, but now, with easy DIY kits available in the markets, you can install brand new seat covers in your car at a fraction of the cost. Pair the seat covers with unique custom detailing options to personalise the car.

New seat covers make the car look and feel new from the inside and back to new. A professional re-upholstery job will burn a hole in your pocket, so a DIY kit from an online store is an affordable option.

Car Mats

It is easier to clean the car’s exterior, but the dirt and dust can get into the tough-to-reach areas when cleaning the interiors.

However, car mats are an underappreciated accessory that will help you keep the interiors of your car clean. You can place a car mat on top of the car’s floor liner to keep the original flooring protected from the dirt and gravel you bring into the car, along with your shoes.

All of these car modifications are affordable and easy to install. Some of the customisation options not only enhance the looks of your car but add to the functionality.

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